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Dept of Radiation Oncology

The department was established and functional with the inception of the hospital in 1977. Radiotherapy is one of the modality to treat most of the solid tumors. About 70%-80% of patients require radiotherapy either alone or in combination with surgery and /or chemotherapy, with the aim to either cure them or provide relief from distressing symptoms during terminal illness. Radiotherapy, similar to surgery, can cure more than 82% of patients with early stage cancer (Stage I and II).

The department is equipped with two latest version rotational telecobalt units for external beam radiation therapy and for internal radiotherapy LDR Selectron or Micro Selectron HDR Brachytherapy Machine are available. Both manual and computer controlled remote after-loading system for brachytherapy are used in the department. Brachytherapy includes both intracavitary and interstitial implantation facility. The department also has Radiation therapy Simulator for treatment planning and field verification, computerized treatment planning system and facility for making thermoplastic immobilization cast used during patient treatment.

Theratron 780c (Teletherapy)
First unit of Cobalt unit Theratron 780 C (Canada) was installed in 1977. Second unit of most modern Teletherapy Cobalt unit Theratron 780C also imported from Canada is installed in 2000 in the department.

    Theratron 780c (Teletherapy)

    Selectron (Brachytherapy)


This is the most modern remote afterloading brachytherapy unit imported in the year 1996 from Holland. With this machine, radioactive sources are introduced in the body cavities of the patients.  This mode of treatment is useful in treating cancers of various cavities viz. uterus, cervix, vagina etc. This treatment gives required dose to local tumor area and clinically insignificant dose to surrounding normal organs. A patient requires 15 to 20 hours for the treatment by radiation with this machine.
Dosimetry is done using Dual diode/TLD dosimeters to verify the actual dose delivery to each and every patient who undergoes radiotherapy treatment.

Micro Selectron HDR Brachytherapy

The high dose rate brachytherapy machine is also available in the hospital for the radiation therapy. It has the added advantage of minimizing duration of treatment. Instead of hours’ treatment, treatment is given on this equipment within minutes.

3D- Computerized Treatment Planning System

Once it is decided to treat the patient by radiotherapy, the treatment is planned with the help of treatment planning system which is fully computerized to concentrate the optimum dose to the affected site and least dose in normal tissues. As a result, the chances of cure are high with minimal complications. It takes much less time and enables the specialists to start the treatment at the earliest. 

Serial No. Consultant Qualification Designation Availability Hrs


Dr.Pankaj Gandotra MD (Radiotherapy) HOD and Senior Consultant 9:30 AM to 04:30 PM


Dr.Neerja Maurya Singh MD (Radiotherapy) Consultant 9:30 AM to 04:30 PM


Dr.Nancy Lal MD (Radiotherapy) Senior Resident 9:30 AM to 04:30 PM


Dr.Sumit Gupta MD (Radiotherapy) Senior Resident 9:30 AM to 04:30 PM