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Dept of Medical Oncology

The department of Medical Oncology is functional in this hospital with the aim to provide diagnosis and treatment to cancer patients as well as administering chemotherapy to majority of the solid tumors in various settings.  Non-malignant cases are also attended in this department.

Department has readily available appointments for the outpatient services all 6 days of working week. The department runs outpatient clinic services every day, about 100-150 patients visit the OPD per day. 10 bedded Chemotherapy day care run by a fully trained staff comprised of sisters under supervision of oncologist. At a time around 50 inpatients are admitted for chemotherapy and f management of complications.

Chemotherapy administration is also performed on the day care basis. Intrathecal chemotherapy administration, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures like pleural, ascitic tapping etc. are done routinely. The nursing staff as well as the junior doctors is well versed in caring f or patients.

The department practices high dose rate chemotherapy, day care chemotherapy etc. Bone marrow aspiration/ biopsy, ascitic and pleural tapping, trucut biopsies etc are carried out under full aseptic precautions.


  1. 1. Cancer consultation and chemotherapy planning
  2. 2. Day care chemotherapy administration
  3. 3. Ambulatory chemotherapy through pumps
  4. 4. Neutropenia care
  5. 5. Intensive cancer care
  6. 6. Hormonal therapy planning and administration
  7. 7. Specialized procedures like bone marrow aspiration and biopsy

Micro Selectron HDR Brachytherapy

The high dose rate brachytherapy machine is also available in the hospital for the radiation therapy. It has the added advantage of minimizing duration of treatment. Instead of hours’ treatment, treatment is given on this equipment within minutes.

3D- Computerized Treatment Planning System

Once it is decided to treat the patient by radiotherapy, the treatment is planned with the help of treatment planning system which is fully computerized to concentrate the optimum dose to the affected site and least dose in normal tissues. As a result, the chances of cure are high with minimal complications. It takes much less time and enables the specialists to start the treatment at the earliest. 


The department is actively involved in conducting many multicentric clinical trials. The department has team of experts involved in clinical trials.



 Dr.Rajiv Sagaria