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Dept of Anesthesiology & Pain & Paliative Care

The Department of Anaesthesiology was established in 1980. Especially in oncology, this discipline plays a major role in patient management. Anesthesiologist of our institution strives to achieve and maintaining high standard of anesthesia care in operation theatre.

The anesthesia department provides services during preoperative period, which includes pre-anesthetic check-up and anesthesia fitness intra - operative management and post - operative care of patients.Apart from surgery,Anesthesia department also provides care for radiotherapy patients, patients undergoing radiological procedure and invasive procedures in CT Scan.

The institute is having expert experienced consultant anesthesiologists with well equipped theatre with advanced multi-channel  monitoring system, infusion pumps, defibrillators, advanced anesthesia delivery units  for all major and supra major oncosurgeries. For this purpose, it has a well-equipped ICU with dedicated staff nurses and technicians.


Apart from managing operation theatre, intensive care unit, the department is also associated with Pain and Palliative care Services and chronic pain management in cancer patients. 

Pain and Palliative care is a newly emerging specialty which is extremely useful for terminally ill patients. It considerably helps in controlling the pain and various other sufferings of such patients and also plays a key role in raising the morale of the patients to fight the disease.

Oral morphine forms the mainstay of pain therapy in cancer patients. Our pain clinic made oral morphine available for the first time in Madhya Pradesh. Pain clinic services are offered by the department for all patients suffering from chronic cancer pain. Morphine therapy is given by trained staff.

Serial No. FACULTY


Dr. Sanjay Saxena, M.D.


Dr.S.K.Bansal D.A.


Dr. Saba Ahmed, M.D. ( General Surgery )


Dr.Neelam Rana, M.D.(Obs. & Gyne)