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Jan Vikas Nyas, is a registered non-profit Public Charitable Trust established in 1971. The trust runs Cancer Hospital & Research Institute (CHRI), which provides free treatment for poor & needy patients affected by cancer. In 2007, CHRI has completed 30 years of untiring services to the cancer patients.
According to Luciano de CrescenzoWe are each of us angels with only one wing and we can only fly by embracing one another.” CHRI is totally dependent on donations from well wishers to continue the services rendered. We welcome contributions, big and small, towards meeting our operating costs. CHRI appeals to liberally extend their helping hands so that your support enables us to continue the free cancer treatment to thousands of poor cancer patients at CHRI. Donating a part of your income (even just of One Day) to this big project will help a lot to fulfill our aim. Your donation is a living gift. It gives help to save lives and allows those less fortunate to receive timely quality treatment for cancer.
Day laborers, students, workers, employees, cultivators, professionals, businessmen, planters, youth and women organizations, NGOs, social activists, banks, private and public enterprises and other generous individuals came forward to make donations in cash or kind and made it a people’s project. Relatives of our patients have also been instrumental for their generous donations. Many of the Infrastructure so far developed in the hospital has come to this stage due to sincere and kind donation received from them only.  
Accomplishment of objective of full-fledged cancer care in the Gwalior region would need development of human resources, establishment of departments and purchase of equipment etc. You may the Hospital in one or another way of the following: 
(A) You may send account payee bank draft / cheque in the name of JAN VIKAS Nyas, payable at Gwalior, INDIA. 
(B) You may donate equipments and/or bear the cost of construction of buildings and other infrastructure, cost of medicine. For more details about equipment cost and other information please click here    
(C) You may bear the cost of treatment and palliative care of most needy patients.  
(D) You may donate for rehabilitation of poor cancer patients.??HOW???? 
(E) You may sponsor cancer awareness & health check-up camps, seminars, conferences,
workshops, printing and publication of literature on cancer.
HOW TO DONATE - Click Here

Once JAN VIKAS Nyas has received your donation, JAN VIKAS Nyas will send you a receipt for the same (for cash above Rs 100/-) and also send you the Tax exemption certificate to the address specified above. 
Donors are exempted from income tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961, India (50%deductible)
Please direct your donations to:
Cancer Hospital & Research Institute
Gwalior 474 009 Madhya Pradesh India 
Phone: 0751 – 2336502-5
FAX: 0751- 2336506  
We thank you for your continued generosity & ask you to give your donations to OUR Appeal and give the HOPE OF LIFE to thousands of the cancer patients, 90% of them could not afford the treatment.

Donation are exempted from Income Tax under section 80G (Donate Now)