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Patient Information


The Hospital working hours are from 9 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Saturdays. The Hospital is closed on all gazetted holidays. Emergency services are available round the clock daily.


You may chose to register as a General or Private patient depending upon your financial capacity to pay for the hospital services that you will avail. 
First, the patients will be registered at the Registration counter, where you are asked personal particulars to fill in form that will include your demographic details. After filling in the form, your case file will be made. On producing BPL (Below Power Line), the patient's will not be taken any charge and other category in which patients will have to pay half of the charges for services availed, as per the Schedule of Charges.
Following this, the Doctor in Charge of the OPD will review your documents and you will be assigned the appropriate Doctor/Service for your treatment.


After registration you will be directed to your treating Doctor. After examining, the doctor will ask you for the investigations. If you have already undergone investigations and having medical reports, after reviewing them doctor may ask you to undergo further diagnostic investigations.

Diagnostic Services

Various diagnostic investigations of the patients may require to be done viz blood/body fluid examination, to undergo diagnostic scopies/biopsies. For this, first you will have to deposit the amount of the test, then proceed to the concerning department.
After evaluation of the reports, the doctor will discuss with you about the status of the disease, its treatment options and approximate cost of the treatment.

Since your case file will be submitted at Registration Counter or in the General/private ward, you may photocopy the contents of medical records.

Appointment & Travels

For your next visit, you will be informed about the date and time of the next appointment. You may also choose to avail travel concession for Road/Rail/Air transport to your place of permanent residence as per rules laid down by the concerned travel authorities.

Financial Assistance

Only patients producing certificate of Below Poverty Line (BPL) are eligible for financial assistance based upon evaluation by the social worker of the hospital. So such patients should contact the social worker.

Individual accounts for patients receiving financial aid from government of Madhya Pradesh will be maintained and costs incurred by the patient will be debited to the account.
Hospital Dispensary

The Hospital has well-stocked Medical Store on the ground floor of the hospital. It provides quality medicines/consumables at reasonable rates. It is suggested to procure medicines/consumables from the Hospital Medical Store only. The Store can accept return of unused medicines, costing more that Rs. 100/- per memo, up to 3 months from the date of sale, provided that the integrity of the items is satisfactory.

Ward Facilities

The Hospital currently has 530 beds for inpatient treatment.

  • General Ward beds are provided with a stool for patient's attendant and a cabinet for safe keeping of personal belongings. Common bathrooms and toilet facilities are provided in the ward and are shared by all patients.
  • Private Rooms are single occupancy, with attached bathroom and a bed for the attendant.
  • Delux Rooms are air-conditioned rooms with attached bathroom and a bed for the attendant.

All rooms have facilities of central supply of oxygen and vacuum in addition to call bell system.

Please note that treatment and service charges vary for each category.

Your Doctor & Staff

Junior Doctors (GDMO)
Your treating Doctor is supported by a GD Medical Officer in wards to ensure monitoring of treatment round the clock

For any information regarding your progress, you can consult to your treating Doctor or GDMO. In the situation of an emergency, the nursing staff will contact the Junior Doctor.

Nursing Staff
Nursing personnel will provide you with dignified, compassionate and professional care. They administer your medicines and execute the treatment as per instructions of your treating Doctor.

Other Personnel

Ward personnel are deployed to make your stay comfortable. They are responsible to keep your rooms clean and maintain hygiene. The ward personnel report to the Sister in Charge of the ward.

Medicines & Consumables

Your consultant will prescribe medicines and surgical consumables that you need during your treatment. You are advised to procure the same from the Hospital Medical Store.

Attendant and Visitors

Since patient require rest, we need your co-operation to meet with visitors during visiting time only and to discourage visiting of children to the extent possible. Only one attendant with each patient is permitted. Visiting hours of the Hospital are from 4 PM to 7 PM. Please avoid visitors before and after visiting hours only.

The Intensive Care Units are out of bounds for Visitors.

Settlemant of Account

The amount from the schemes of governments of Madhya Pradesh sanctioned for the treatment the patient will be settled at the time of discharge.

No tips should be given to any staff in the hospital.
Your Suggestions

We value your suggestions and comments on your actual experience during your stay in our Hospital. If you have suggestions, drop it into the Suggestion Box in the ward. This will help us to improve ourselves.

Reimbursement of Medical Expanses

If you are entitled reimbursement of medical expenses, please submit the completed forms provided by your employer/insurer, with enclosures and bills to the Public Relations Office. It will require one week to complete all the process. Only bills for medicines/consumables/services of our Hospital will be considered.